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HoldUp Brand Maternity Suspenders with beige Super Strong Patented Gripper clasps

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HoldUps New Maternity Under-Up Suspenders in light beige color attach with just 2 patented gripper clasps at the side of your maternity pants or shorts waistband. These hidden undergarment suspenders are exceptionally Soft to the skin and will keep your pants or shorts firmly in place all throughout your pregnancy. They are made in America with a Very Soft Cotton Poly-Blend smooth weave elastic Fabric similar to a thick Ace Bandage type strap. These side clip maternity suspenders are so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them no matter how much weight you gain during those long 9 months. Bonus: The harder you pull on these gripper clasps the tighter they hold on all types of maternity pants, shorts, and skirts without fraying the waistband fabric. 1 1/4" wide Maternity Under-Ups have 2 Composite Plastic Patented Gripper Clasps in a beige color with X-back styling and our unique Hip Clip (quick release side-clip style). Super soft and flexible thick sweat absorbing elastic straps are hand washable. These Maternity Under-Ups eliminate those thousands of times a typical pregnant woman has to hitch up her sagging pants or shorts and the patented gripper clasps! Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free freight offer at secure checkout.

Hidden maternity pant side-clip Holdup suspenders with strong patented gripper clasps
Made in the USA these hidden undergarment Maternity Hip-Clip style Holdup suspenders have super strong Gripper clasps that quickly detach and re-clamp when going to the bathroom.

  • Hidden Maternity Suspenders with skin-toned no-slip composite plastic Gripper Clasps that hold tighter the harder you pull on them.
  • Holdup Maternity suspenders have Hypo-allergenic plastic clasps with patented  smooth line strap length adjustment system as the hook-n-loop feature is built into the strap material and these pass right through airport and secure building metal detectors
  • 1 1/4" wide 42" long super-soft suspender straps made to wear comfortably next to your skin and they have a patented  SMOOTH NO-Bulge Hook and loop length adjustment system.
  • 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee on all Holdup® Maternity Suspenders
  • Our Maternity Suspenders Slip on like wearing a backpack or vest and attached with 2 quick-release clasps at the side of pants hidden under any loose-fitting blouse
  • Very soft and comfortable under any woman loose blouse with suspender Straps crisscrossing your back for extra support with no bulky suspender clips digging into your back.