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HoldUps Brand Under-Up Series Tan Invisible Undergarment Suspenders

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 HoldUp Suspender Company makes these Undergarment Suspenders in light beige color that won't trigger metal detectors and attach at the side of your pants or shorts with 2 patented gripper clasps. These Under-Up undergarment suspenders are perfect for anyone who prefers to wear suspenders under there shirts for a No-Show appearance. These No-Alarm airport friendly suspenders are made to fit who prefer wearing suspender under their shirts in total comfort. You'll feel comfortable all day long using these soft to your skin smooth dense weave side clip suspenders that slip on like wearing a backpack. Hand washable Underups are Super-Soft to the Skin and absorb sweat and you'll hardly know your wearing these to securely hold up your pants or shorts. The American made 1 1/2" wide straps have a Smooth Cotton Poly-Blend Soft Elastic weave like a thick ACE Bandage fabric.These light beige hidden undergarment trucker suspenders are trademarked as Hip-Clips and have a double sewn X-back crossover strap and have no bulges showing or buckles digging into you back

They are very comfortable and even larger plus sized pregnant women love wearing them with maternity shorts or pants in total comfort during and after pregnancy. These Under-Ups Tan Suspenders are Perfect for any Individual who prefers to wear their suspenders under their shirt with shorts or pants in the summer heat. 

HoldUp Brand Specialty Series Under-Up Tan Suspenders with Patented Beige Gripper Clasp


Tan Under-Up Series undergarment hidden Suspenders with Patented Beige Super Strong Gripper Clasp From HoldUp Suspenders Brand  are made in the USA

HoldUp Brand Patented Undergarment airport friendly side clip Suspenders in light beige color with Our Patented Beige composite plastic airport friendly Gripper Clasps. The straps are cotton Poly-Blend Elastic Soft To the Touch which are Super Comfortable and Soft like a thick smooth ACE bandage with sweat wicking properties. You would never know you had them on as they attach at the side of your waistband with no buckles or clips in the small of your back.

  • Perfect For Anyone  Who Prefers to Wear Suspenders Under your Shirt or sweater
  • USA Made 1 1/2" Wide Super Soft hidden undergarment Suspender with trademarked Hip-Clip side clip-on styling so no clips dig into your back when sitting down.
  • Patented Beige Super Strong Gripper Clasp that won't trigger metal detectors
  • X-Back sewn crossover straps and these slip on like wearing a Backpack 
  • Featuring Newly Patented flush webbing design which eliminates bulky plastic adjusters and uses a Hook and Loop style fastening System. 
  • Airport Friendly version featuring the "No-Buzz" Plastic Clasp with improved Cam Lever Patented design eliminates the occasional flip-open problem 
  • Under-Up Suspenders also come with a Free standard Freight Option during checkout when using Your Amazon or PayPal account during checkout 

This model hidden UnderUp Suspender is also Airport Friendly featuring the No-Buzz Plastic Clasp with our improved Cam Leaver Patented design.  In a few minutes of wear you'll hardly know you had them on as they attach at the side of your waistband with no buckles or clips in the small of your back. Nice part is people around you won't even know you have them on too as their worn under your shirt! Other Under-Up hidden suspender styles in black or beige can be purchases here...